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Manesis Sectors

Building Products

Manesis core business sector is the building products industry which lies at the heart of the UK economy. This sector employs more than 650,000 people within 30,000 companies with an output of more than £40 billion 10% of which is exported.

The sector encompasses many industries ranging from fastening and fixing, aggregates, tooling, to specialist items such as construction chemicals. The sector includes anything that is used in the construction process and is therefore ever expanding with the advent of new technologies and modern construction methods.

Manesis client range from multi Billion internationals to SME’ with innovative solutions looking to expand their presence in the uk market.

Typical roles Manesis handles in this sector include Specification Sales, Technical Sales, Sales Engineers, Regional Managers, Key Account Management, Business Development , Marketing and Sales Management.

Manufacturing & Engineering

The Manufacturing and Engineering Sector is huge and encompasses a wide range of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical industry
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electronics
  • Marine - production, maintenance and repair of ships, submarines, boats and marine equipment.
  • Metals and engineered metal products
  • Pharmaceuticals

Manesis clients within this sector are mainly British manufacturers with USP’s in the areas of design, technology, innovation and service or International manufacturers with a strong presence within the UK.

Manesis manages a wide variety of assignments in this sector including ; administrators, procurement professionals and design engineers , however typical roles Manesis handles in this sector include Technical Sales, Application Engineering Sales Engineers, Territory Management , Regional Management, Key Account Management, Business Development , Marketing and Sales Management


Renewable energy systems encompass a broad and diverse array of technologies, and the current status of these can vary considerably. Some technologies are already mature and economically competitive (e.g. geothermal and hydropower), others still need additional development to become competitive. As concerns over the environment grow, the concept of sustainability and its relevance to the construction industry in particular becomes ever more important. The construction industry is a huge consumer of resources, so it is inevitable that it should be a target area for improvement. The following areas continue to experience significant growth . Wind power is growing at the rate of 30 % annually, with a worldwide installed capacity of over 100 GW whilst the manufacturing output of the photovoltaics industry reached more than 2,000 MW in 2006. Areas continuing to experience interest and growth in the UK are ;

  • Energy and water use
  • Waste minimisation and recycling
  • Use of materials that come from sustainable sources
  • Project carbon footprint.

Manesis is currently working with clients in the UK and overseas who are actively developing technology or involved in the sales of

  • Materials from sustainable sources
  • Solar energy use
  • Solid biomass fuels
  • Geothermal energy technology

We would welcome contact with candidates with solid experience in any technical or sales role form these areas.


As a sector security covers a variety of technologies from locking systems, CCTV, security fencing, to security doors and access technology. The convergence of security disciplines include the development of digital video surveillance technologies and the digitization and networking of physical control systems.

The UK security market is worth £6bn. Over 2,000 companies specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of security equipment in the UK and the British security industry employs around 600,000 people. There are an estimated 4.25 million CCTV cameras installed in the UK with £1.2bn worth of property stolen every year in the UK.

Typical roles Manesis handles in this sector include Specification Sales, Technical Sales, Service Engineers, Sales Engineers, Installation Engineers, Estimators, Regional Managers, Key Account Management, Business Development and Sales Management.


The UK construction industry consists of over 250 000 firms employing 2.1 million people in a multitude of roles. The sector is defined as one which embraces the construction materials and products; suppliers and producers; building services manufacturers, providers and installers; contractors, sub-contractors, professionals, advisors and construction clients and those organisations that are relevant to the design, build, operation and refurbishment of buildings.

The UK construction output is the second largest in the EU and contributes 8.7% of the nations GVA (Gross Value Added). UK designers, civil engineers, contractors, component & product manufacturers have a worldwide reputation for working overseas, providing high-tech solutions to environmental, transport & building projects.

Manesis works with Construction Services and product manufacturers across the UK and are involved in recruiting Sales & Marketing teams operating within design, construct, and maintenance markets.

Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace is a very diverse field, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications. Aerospace manufacturing is a high technology industry that produces aircraft, guided missiles, space vehicles, aircraft engines, propulsion units, and related parts. The defence industry is key in the development of other high technology industries because it is frequently at the forefront of innovation. The UK has the world's second largest defence industry. The UK's defence industry covers aircraft, warships and armoured fighting vehicles, through communications, radars, propulsion, munitions and support services, to basic equipment such as clothing and on to financial and support activities. Increasingly, British companies are taking this defence industry expertise into equipment for humanitarian relief, counter terrorism and peace keeping activities.

Manesis works with both large PLC’s with an existing structure looking for specialist market skills and SME’s working at the leading edge of their technological field but requiring to hire commercial expertise.


The power industry is becoming increasing linked to the renewables industry as pressure is put on companies to develop new forms of power that are more efficient and less environmentally damaging. Power generation is essential to everyday life and covers technologies such as nuclear, gas, coal, as well as solar and wind.

Manesis works with manufacturers particularly in the Oil & Gas sector and recruitment predominantly revolves around Sales and Marketing Management roles.


The UK communications industry continues to undergo significant transformation. Communication technologies are changing the way we all talk, think and relate to one another, as well as they way we work. Industries include printing; telecommunications, IT and marketing are all under the banner of communication as well as newer technologies such as electronic communications and database marketers which are creating new industry niches.

Typical roles Manesis recruits in this sector are Sales Executives, Marketing Management and Sales Management.


Around 2.3 million people are employed in a wide variety of roles. There is a trend towards outsourcing supply chain management and warehousing services to logistics companies in order to be able to efficiently meet customer demands. The evolution of technology has given logistics companies the ability to provide customers with truly integrated services.

Manesis works with clients involved in both the distribution of products and the manufacture and installation of materials handling equipment and services covering markets as diverse as distribution depots, retail superstores and manufacturing plants.

Typical roles that Manesis handles in this sector include Specification Sales, Technical Sales, Sales Engineers, Regional Managers, Key Account Management, Business Development, Marketing and Sales Management.